Protecting the privacy of others

Protecting the privacy of others

Identity-theft is talked about a lot these days, and if not careful, family historians could be the unintended source of private information. For example, when opening a new bank account, you will be asked for your birth date, your mother’s maiden name, and perhaps place of birth. Unfortunately these details can often been found online at genealogy sites.

With the growth of family history software and on-line repositories, people can upload their entirely genealogies with a few simple clicks. It is important when you do this, that you resist the urge, for completeness sake, to include the details of living relatives. Not only may they not know that you have done so, but in so doing, you can put them and their private information at risk.

Most genealogy software has the capacity to suppress the information about living relatives from publication. I would suggest that you do this and that you are also careful with the information of the recently deceased.

And don’t forget, always ask permission before you publish.


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